Fund Raising

The VRPAC hosts a number of fund raising activities throughout the year.

Did you know that the PAC supports many of the “extras” that are provided to our children at School? Without a PAC our kids would miss out on activities such as: Field trips, dances, movie night, fun fair, wheelchair basketball, special performances, fun food days, gymnastics, parent information nights, camps and much more.

Below is a listing of the events we host.  As you can imagine, the events are only as successful as the volunteer support provided, so please contact the parent volunteer in charge if you can help out in any way.  The Calendar of Events page holds the full year’s planned activities with the times, dates and more info on the particular events.

  • Bottle Drives : Held three times during the school year, bottle drives are a great source of revenues for the PAC.
  • Fun Food Days : Kids order pizza, subs or hot dogs and the PAC gets a cut.
  • Glenwood Meats : Shop at Glenwood Meats and the PAC receives 10%.
  • Cobs Bread : Shop at Cobs Bread and the PAC receives 5%.
  • Purdy’s Chocolates : At Christmas and Easter, the PAC sells delicious Purdy’s chocolates and the PAC receives 25% profit.
  • Peninsula Co-op : Enter our membership number when you shop: 135898