Royal Readers Raffle!

RAFFLE : In support of our Royal Readers Campaign

Our school is in desperate need of more books for the reading program. The PAC is hoping to raise much needed funds by sending home raffle tickets as a fund raiser. Our fundraisers support many PAC initiatives such as building the playground, field trip buses, and many extra-curricular activities. This is no different!

Tickets are $2 each. Please return the ticket stubs and money to your teacher as soon as a book of tickets has been sold. They should be returned in the envelope that they come home in.

Additional books of tickets can be requested from your child’s teacher.

We encourage all students to get involved, and do their best to sell as many raffle tickets as they can. With the help of parents and guardians, friends and neighbours, we can meet our goal!

All tickets, sold/unsold, are to be returned to the school by Tuesday, June 12.

The prizes are as follows:

  • First Prize – $500 cash
  • Second Prize – $300 cash
  • Third Prize – $150 cash

Prizes will be drawn at 7:30pm during the Fun Fair on Friday, June 15.

The division that sells the most raffle tickets will be treated to a pizza lunch!